Successful land subdivision

Would you like to secure your future?
Are you interested in a powerful and lucrative side hustle?
Do you have land that you could profit from?

Let Adam guide you to deliver your simple, safe and secure land subdivision project.

$300m in land sales

Proven experience in sourcing and completing land projects

20+ years experience

Coaching for Confidence

LandED’s offer helps to cut through complexity with online training, interactive workshops, and personalised mentoring for your land subdivision project.

Replace the anxiety, complexity and uncertainty of development;  with Clarity, Confidence, and a Clear path to a successful and profitable land development project.

Overcome Overwhelm

Cut through the confusion!
Simplify land subdivision with LandED’s practical approach through online training, in-person workshops and 1:1 mentoring for clarity and confidence across your land development journey.

Feeling Uncertain?

The LandED Proven Path!
Navigate potential pitfalls with confidence. LandED’s courses, workshops and mentoring provide a secure, clear and concise process for successful land subdivisions, without the BS!

Online TrainINg on your schedule

Flexibility and Expertise
Start anytime, from anywhere. Our online courses empower you to learn at your pace, fitting development dreams around your schedule.

Personalised Support

LandED 1:1 Coaching
Receive one-on-one support from Adam Leach. LandED’s mentoring adapts to your specific needs, ensuring your land development journey is as unique as your project.

Don’t miss out

Pre-Qualification Training
Adam's no-nonsense LandED land subdivision workshops and mentoring is limited to those who have completed online training. Contact Adam's team to learn more.

LandEd is your gateway to your successful land subdivision project

Starting with online training, LandED provides the “cut through” practical training you will need for land subdivision developments, without the fluff.

Online modules are actionable and come with tools and expert guidance to bring your development ideas and investment opportunities to fruition.

From there, and on being successfully certified via online training, you may then apply to attend Adam’s ‘invitation only’ on-site, 3-day workshops, located at a fully catered  luxury accommodation in the Byron Bay’s Hinterland. (Access from anywhere in Australia)

Whether a side-hustle or more, let Adam and the LandED team help you to realise your property development dreams.

Our Services

With you every step of the way

At LandED we have different options to suit your preference, learning style, development opportunity and investment options:


Online Learnng

Your Development Blueprint.
Learn, Progress, Succeed. Comprehensive online courses for flexible, self-paced learning.



Immersive Learning Clinics
Deep dive into development mastery. Dynamic workshops offering in-depth, hands-on insights.



Personalized Development Guidance
Your Project, Your Mentor. One-on-one coaching tailored to your land development goals.


Advisory services

Bespoke Project Support
Navigate Projects with Confidence. Bespoke consulting for tailored land development solutions.

Ready to turn your land development dreams into a reality?

Start your transformative land subdivision journey with LandED’s  Subdivision Fundamentals online course, to pre-qualify for workshops and mentoring.

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