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Introduce yourself (name, where you’re from, what you do)

Bella Reynolds, Pottsville, Property Investor and Life Coach

1-2 reasons why you took an interest in land subdivision/property development?

Property has always been a key wealth building strategy for us.  Met Adam and loved hearing about his framework for land subdivision

Explain, briefly, the work you’ve done with Adam?

So far Adam has helped us by sharing his model and process including feasibility spreadsheet, partnered us up with another developer, supported us to assess and take a couple of deals to offer stage.

In what ways has the mentoring experience with Adam assisted your pathway/direction into land subdivision development.

Confidence – by having a ‘recipe’ to follow that you know has been tried and true you feel more confident to go ahead past the doubts

Self efficacy – Adam’s coaching background is invaluable because he helps you to decide what you think is best for you rather than telling you what to do once you have gone through the ‘recipe’ – more empowering.

Can you share a particular moment or piece of advice you’ve received from Adam that has stuck with you?

Recently speaking to Adam about my desire to go ‘all in on property development’ and he was hugely supportive!  The advice that stuck was to be realistic about timeframes and to go for it.

If you were recommending Adam’s mentoring and expertise to someone, what would you say were the main benefits?

Main benefits are a tried and true recipe from a person who has a terrific coaching background and loves seeing people succeed.

What advice would you have for someone thinking about a land development project?

If it is at all on your radar, get clear on your ‘why’ and if this strategy stacks up to get you there, make sure you explore this option to fast track the framework with someone who has walked their talk.

Bella Reynolds

Pottsville Property Investor and Life Coach