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Adam has designed a comprehensive course to guide you along the proven pathway to wealth through land development. Benefit from Adam’s expertise as you progress through each module, at your own pace, building a strong foundation with straightforward advice empowering you to navigate potential pitfalls and achieve lucrative outcomes. 

With LandED courses, you’re in control. Begin at your convenience, access all modules upon signup, and tailor your learning to your diary. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned investor, turn your dream development project into a reality with our straightforward program designed to guide you from concept to profit. 

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Access expert-led online courses designed by industry leader Adam Leach. Gain insights, strategies, and skills for successful land development, all from the comfort of your own pace. Gain Expert Insights.

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LandED’s online courses offer flexibility. Learn at your own pace, access content anytime, and fit your development education seamlessly into your busy life. Fit Learning Into Life.

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Enrol with LandED and enjoy lifetime access to course content. Upon completion, receive a prestigious LandED Certificate of Land Subdivision Development, validating your expertise. Unlock Expertise Now.

Subdivision Fundamentals
Course Outline

Video modules
  1. The Search – how and where to find an opportunity
  2. The Discovery – a more detailed look at critical items once you have identified a potential deal, including feasibility and profitability analysis
  3. The Negotiation  – key elements around negotiating a deal, and mitigating risk with terms
  4. The Technique – outlining the sequential process to a safe subdivision  
  5. The Risks – identifying and mitigating the main risks throughout the project
  6. The Team – the expertise you will need to deliver your project
  7. Your Role – explaining your role in the process
  8. The Structure – various ownership and development structures available when developing land
  9. The Golden Rules – critical rules that I use every day
  10. The Side-Hustle –  how and why you can create wealth without leaving your day job…yet!
"I'm confident, that by investing in this course, you'll gain invaluable insights that will save you from costly errors and pave the way for a successful and secure land subdivision."
LandED Adam Leach
Adam Leach
Founder of LandED


Adam Leach has over two decades of experience in land development, with a dynamic background in residential and commercial property development, building, and asset management. His expertise spans projects ranging from $3 million to $100 million across various sectors. Read More

LandED focuses specifically on land subdivision development, providing actionable and remunerative online modules, hands-on workshops, personalised mentoring, and strategic consulting. Our approach emphasises practical knowledge and real-world application, cutting through unnecessary fluff.

Our online courses are self-paced, allowing you to learn at your convenience. Upon signup, you gain immediate access to all modules. The courses cover essential aspects of land subdivision development, and you receive a LandED Certificate upon completion.

Consulting services cover a range of topics, including ad-hoc support for specific project needs, scoping deals, and navigating complex ventures. Adam Leach’s expertise is tailored to address your unique challenges.

Yes, you have lifetime access to the course content, allowing you to revisit materials and stay updated on industry insights.

If you’re interested in land development, whether as an investment opportunity or a side hustle, and you seek a practical, hands-on approach with expert guidance, LandED is designed for you. Our services cater to beginners and seasoned investors alike.

After mentoring, you’ll have gained personalised insights and strategies for your project. Many participants choose to continue their journey with LandED, exploring consulting services or joining the wider LandED community for ongoing support and networking opportunities.

If you purchase both the Online Course + Workshop in the Bundle package, you receive 20% off the price of the workshop. Please note, the workshop scheduling and availability are subject to demand, with a minimum of 10 participants and a maximum of 18. 

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